Websites & Portals

The ever-increasing needs for a customer oriented, internet presence along with the rapid increase of “content” and the associated administration requirements are driving companies towards eBusiness. Today’s user needs, demand solutions that provide personalized services and which can be customized according to their ever changing needs. In order to achieve this goal, new tools are needed for collecting, processing and distributing information across the internet.

Our complete eBusiness platform, Citron2CMS, is an ideal solution for the development, maintenance and upgrade of websites and portals. Citron2CMS is designed to be used by private companies or public organizations across all industries.

Typical website and portal solutions include:

  • Simple Web Presence
  • Text or multimedia Forums (e.g. video forum, video replies, etc.)
  • Electronic surveys for data input by site visitors
  • Interactive navigation maps (Google Maps)
  • Electronic events management
  • RSS feeds
  • Personalized electronic services to members
  • Electronic catalogs of products and services
  • Electronic contact with departments of the business
  • Newsletters
  • Knowledge Base
  • Photo & Video Galleries
  • Electronic reading of product catalogues
  • Banners for advertisements
  • Integration with social networks (e.g. facebook, twitter, myspace, etc.)

All of the above can be achieved when installing one or more of the available Citron2CMS modules.

eGovernment Portals

Government internet portals are an increasingly important element of public administration reform programs across the world. Such portals may provide a one-stop online access to many government services, and can serve as a catalyst for the development of new eServices. They represent the tip of the iceberg since lots of work needs to be done in the background before the portals can become fully functional, including comprehensive process re-engineering and inter-agency integration. Altanet designs and implements eGovernment portals that aim to streamline government processes and facilitate the interaction between the government and the public.