Online Support Center

We provide our customers with an integrated information system for monitoring team assignments and overall project progress. The web based system can be found at and supports access by multiple users per partner and per project. Depending on the project complexity and uncertainty factors, Support Center provides high-end user interface for traditional project management models (i.e. waterfall project lifecycle monitoring) as well as for Agile project management models such as SCRUM. 


In general, our support center provides our customers with the following capabilities:

  • Overall project progress real-tme monitoring
  • Detailed information on issues (milestones, data requests, clarifications, approvals, bottlenecks etc)
  • Response time by our help desk, according to the Service Level Aggreement 
  • Resolution time by our technical team, according to the Service Level Aggreement
  • Personalized messaging and notifications
  • Global announcements concerning module updates
  • Customer satisfaction surveys.