Altanet is a leading software development company of innovative software products for eBusiness, eCommerce,  Content Management and Digital Asset Management.

Ever since its founding in 1998, Altanet’s main goal continues to be the development and the constant improvement of value added software products. As a result, Altanet’s flagship products, Citron2CMS, a commercial Content Management System engine with eCommerce Extensions and Citron2DAM, a 100% web-based Digital Asset Management platform, count a large number of installations in a variety of private companies, cultural organizations and key government and public sector agencies.

Altanet constantly invests in Research and Technology, using the combined knowledge and added experience that has obtained from completing a number of innovative IT projects, on a national and a european level. In order to achieve the best solutions for its customers, Altanet has firmly adapted agile project management methodologies for its IT project management.

Altanet concentrates on the following:

Human Resources

In order for an IT project to succeed, what needs to be fulfilled is the customer’s “needs” as opposed to its “desires”. Maximizing the effort and adapting it to the customer’s environment by “right-sizing” it, requires, not only fully qualified “resources” but motivated, creative and full of initiavite “humans”. For this reason, Altanet has created “fun” places within the workplace, with games and relaxation areas, uses internal workshops to educate its employes by its own employees, organizes company out-of-the-office activities and tries to stay active within the community with social awareness.


The maximum business value for the customer, is the result of the collaborative learning and the bidirectional knowledge transfer between Altanet’s development team and the customer’s project team.For this reason, Altanet believes that the customer’s involvement is an integral part of the project’s evolution and it encourages his direct involvement in all of the project stages. This way, the software that is being “built” for the customer, is being developed “with” the customer, without any hidden surprises at the project completion stage. In order to achieve this, Altanet pursues and demands “physical” communication between the team members by using value-added visual communication means.

The «product»

The integrity of the product that will be used in order to achieve a specific software project’s objectives, ensures the seamless operation of the generated information system during all project stages (planning, development, support, improvement, etc.). For this reason, Altanet invests in keeping its software current with constant updates so it can guarantee, both, the quality of its products and services as well as the response and resolution times to problems that might arise. This is Altanet’s response to the huge gap that other competitor companies face, when while  using feature-rich open-source software they fail to provide equivalent high quality services during and after the delivery of the solution to their customer.


It is the rule and not its exception, that original project requirements will change during the development stage. Today’s IT projects measure high on the «uncertainty scale», making them impossible to complete if one waits for the completion of the requirements stage before starting the project, in order to «obey the original plan».
Altanet treats every project, from the simplest to the most complex, as an agile project, accepting the fact that «there will be change» and, therefore, constantly re-defining the initial project requirements, in order to deliver functional and realistic solutions to its customers.