Professional Services

For us, the completion of an IT project and the beginning of its operation in the productive environment, is just the first stage of the entire project life cycle. Apart from the typical support and hosting services, our team is provides our customers with added value professional services, in order to keep their investment up-to-date and adaptable to the rapid changing business challenges.

Indicative Services

Some of the indicative services offered are:

  • Web Design
    • Website Template Design / Redesign
    • HTML Authoring for Web Page Creation
    • Responsive Design for serving content to smart/mobile devices
    • Photo Slider design and implementation
    • Banner Design
  • Front End Development
    • Web form development
    • Content parametrization using HTML, CCS and Javascript frameworks (JQuery, KendoUI etc)
    • Module parametrization in terms of adjusting an existing functionlality to the customer's special needs
    • Payment Process configuration for eCommerce solutions
  • Back End Development
    • Design and develop a custom system or subsystem within an existing solution
    • Design and develop a custom module according to customers' special needs 
    • Design and develop web services for data interoperability purposes
    • Design and develop custom database schemas
    • Design and develop high-end user interfaces
  • Content Management
    • Data entry in dynamic entities (e.g. News, Events)
    • Data entry of associated files (e.g. .jpg,.gif,.mpeg,.avi,.pdf,.mp3, etc) in the Media and Download Centers
    • Create / edit website pages and HTML content blocks
    • Ensure that the Content is search engine friendly if applicable.

Competitive Purchase Options

Our company provides an option for an advance purchase of “certain time” in reduced prices, for the provision of services that are related to an installed application. 


This is an option that we suggest to our customers, not only because it saves them money, but, because, it also minimizes administrative costs, such as proposals requests, approvals, invoicing and payments, excess budgeting, etc. The person responsible for administrating and keeping the web application up to date does not need to have a managerial position with financial approval rights. He or she justs needs to approve only the time required for a new request. Our online support system keeps a detailed log on remaing time and historic data of performed actions.

Advance Purchase Terms
  • A minimum of five (5) man days or forty (40) man hours need to be purchased
  • All work is proposed, kept and charged in man-hours
  • The length of the contract cannot exceed one (1) year. However, if a contract hours are exceeded in less than one year, the customer may purchase another block of five (5) man days, resetting the expiration date to one year from the new purchase.
  • The last request must be logged, at the latest, fifteen (15) days before the expiration of the contract.
  • If not all hours have been used at contract expiration time, a customer may transfer up to 10% to the next/renewd SLA contract. If there is no renewed contract, this time is lost.
  • The customer will monitor at any time the unused time of his SLA contract through Altanet’s support system.
  • A customer can purchase an SLA contract, only in conjuction with a valid support contract. An SLA cannot exist without a support contract.
  • No time from an SLA will be used/lost for issues such as bugs or regular support issue request, since these are responsibilities covered under a support contract terms.