In today's world, everything is "mobile" and whatever it is not "mobile", it wants to become "mobile".


"Mobility", "smart-phones", "smart-devices", "tablets", "android", "iOS" etc. are buzwords of today's technology and business environments. But when you want to create your "mobile" strategy, you need to decide wether to go "native" or re-use, create or extend a new or existing web project to full mobile solution. You need someone to explain the differences, the advantages and the options one might enjoy by using one or another technology.


We provide solutions for mobile devices in two forms. Native apps and Mobile Web apps, specifically created using "Responsive Web" technology, in order to appear perfect to any mobile device.


Native Apps

We develop, deploy and manage secure mobile apps. We produce cross-platform mobile apps with a native look and feel. We enable seamless and secure integration with any back-end system like ERP, CRM, ordering, billing or ticketing.


We deliver native mobile applications for iOS, Windows Phone, Android and Blackberry. Native mobile application integrate seamlessly with Citron2CMS platform for data sharing and collaboration purposes.

Responsive Web

Citron2CMS is an HTML5 enabled CMS enviroment that allows for the use of "Responsive Web" techniques and technology in order to make your web presence look perfect, wether a visitor is looking at it from their office windows PC, their Macbook Air, their iPhone or their Samsung Galaxy Note tablet. Every project is analyzed, designed and developed with the word "mobile" always in mind.


Wether you develop your corporate website, your eCommerce solution, your intranet or extranet or your custom web application using Citron2CMS, the end users will now have the ability to work with your application in the comfort of their office or on the go, by using their smart mobile device.


We help our clients to launch their applications in the "mobile" world, rightsizing their needs.