Our eCommerce solutions are based on its Citron2CMS Content Management System and eCommerce Engine and they are created by installing and customizing a set of “eCommerce” modules along with any other “Product Catalog” or “Portal” module the customer requires. They combine a user friendly and functional interface while making online sales a pleasant experience for the customers. The responsive administration panel allows for on-the-go control of your e-sales.

Retail eShops  - B2C eCommerce

We provide complete eCommerce solutions for Business-to-Consumer (B2C) retail internet sales. We don't just buy a ready-made "template", change a couple of colors, add a few products and pictures and act like we know eCommerce. Our long term, more than fifteen year, experience in eCommerce, along with the expertise of our team of analysts and developers, ensure the best fit of an eCommerce solution tailored to YOUR needs, not the needs of a "template".


Our eCommerce solutions encompass the following characteristics:

  • Dynamic product catalog support for unlimited products and product categories in unlimited hierarchy levels
  • Marketing categories, such as proposed products, new products, discount products, etc., for your marketing product grouping
  • Cross-Selling, such as accessory, alternative, complementary products, etc., so you can sell more
  • Product reviews, so your customers know what they are buying.... after reviewing them of course!
  • Pricelist management for your retail, taxed, or non-taxed prices
  • Discount campaigns, based on percentages or fixed prices, on isolated products or custom product groups or on all products, so you can sell it all
  • Availability, using dynamically defined status depending on the actual quantities found in the warehouse such as “Non Available”, “Limited Availability”, “Available”, etc., if you want to let your customers know a product's availability
  • Customizable step ordering (order in 1 step, in 3 steps, etc.)
  • Dynamic management of shipment ways based on flat costs
  • Dynamic management of courier shipping costs based on weight and destination, local or international
  • Dynamic management of payment ways, such as bank deposit, C.O.D., credit card, paypal, etc.
  • Online Credit Card Clearance from leading banking institutions such as Alpha Bank's Delta Pay, Pireos Bank's Winbank, Eurobank's clearing service
  • PayPal support using credit card or PayPal account clearing
  • Wish-list
  • ERP and Accounting Software Live and Offline Integration using XML

Wholesale eShops - B2B eCommerce

In addition to the retail B2C eShops, we provide complete eCommerce solutions for Business-to-Business internet sales as well. Our B2B solutions encompass the following characteristics (in addition to the B2C features shown above):

  • Multiple pricelist management, for diverse pricing structures
  • Dynamic B2B pricing policies per product group, such as larger discounts on specific product categories or specific manufacturers
  • Special pricelists per customer / partner, so may sell using different prices to different customers based on their profile
  • Multiple users, using different rights per customer / partner
  • Discount campaigns based on individual customer or customer group in a B2B environment
  • Dynamic management of shipment ways and costs based on each customer / partner
  • Dynamic management of payment ways based on each customer / partner
  • Cost Center support
  • Workflow support for order approval
  • Support for order templates and saved orders for repetative purchases
  • ERP and Accounting Software Live and Offline Integration using XML

Custom eCommerce Solutions

Other forms of eCommerce have also been installed using Citron2CMS such as B2V (Business-to-Vendor), when applying Supply Chain Management techniques to order products online from the supplier when the inventory is low and B2S (Business-to-Saleforce) when sales personnel have to use the B2B shop, while logged in as the partner and others.


Check out all of the available out-of-the-box eCommerce modules here.

Send us an email at [email protected] if you want your specific eCommerce problem solved with a tailor-made Citron2CMS eCommerce solution!