State-of-the-Art Technology

n-Tier Architecture

The Citron2DAM platform is comprised of multiple modules which can be installed independently, any time depending on the client’s needs.
The system’s software architecture includes the following components:

  • Collection and Artifact Meta-data Customization subsystem
  • Scientific Artifact and Collection Documentation and Media Management subsystem
  • Thesaurus and Term Management subsystem
  • Multi-level Security Access Policy subsystem
  • Interoperability subsystem (web services and international standard formats)

100% Web-based

The system is accessible with the use of a typical web browser, like Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, since it is 100% web-based. There is no need for installation of client software at every workstation. There is no need for update installation every time they occur. A true multiuser environment, with no user limits, where each team (scientists, documenters, translators, administrators) or its individual members can work in pre-configured working spaces or through the internet. “100% Web-based” means the freedom for anyone, to work from anywhere, even when dealing with digital media.


“Interoperability” was designed into the system from its inception, since interoperability has always been one of the main challenges of eCulture. The information exchange between cultural organizations and institutions, and the preservation and spreading of documented digital assets, is an extremely important issue when dealing with eCulture. For this reason, Citron2DAM strongly complies with the most accepted international standards for the conceptual representation of artifacts such as CIDOC, Dublin Core, MARC21 and RDF and standards for the digital media such as DIG35 Metadata Specification and Mpeg7.


The Citron2DAM Digital Asset Management system could not be complete without extensive security policy rules. The security policy is distributed in multiple levels so controlled access is ensured for the collections, artifacts, sub-artifacts, individual data fields as well as in each language.
The security policy supports:

  • User GroupManagement
  • RoleManagement
  • User inclusion in one or more user groups
  • User access rights determination on objects.

The system applies the security policy based on operations such as “read/preview”, “insert”, “update/modify”, “delete” based on the operations security model.

  • Limited Access to specific platform areas based on Administrators decisions
  • Access classification to the different media versions in order to protect legal copyrights
  • Language access classification. This option allows for the creation of different translation work teams
  • Object-locking for concurrent use mechanism in order to avoid double-entry problems with possible data losses
  • Automatic or manual version creation during object update. The system includes change history (timeline versioning)
  • Log files for user actions

Cutting Edge Microsoft .NET Technology

Citron2DAM is developed entirely using the latest cutting edge application development technology from Microsoft, the Microsoft .NET platform, which guarantees the system homogeneity. Microsoft .NET includes other wide-accepted technologies such as HTML, XML, Object Oriented Programming, Jscript, C# and JIT (Just-in-time) compiled web pages. Aside from classical HTML use for the description and presentation of the user interface environment, XML is used for the description and presentation of objects and the interoperability with heterogeneous software systems.

Application Language
The system’s interface is already available in English and Greek, while localization in other languages is only a matter of resource translation.