Preserve, Distribute, Educate

Citron2DAM - Digital Asset Management System is an integrated, 100% web-based solution for artifact collections management, documentation and storage. As such, it presents the perfect solution for all cultural organizations and institutions, like:

  • Museums
  • Art foundations
  • Libraries
  • Festivals
  • Art galleries
  • Archives
  • etc.

The platform supports:

  • Multiple collection artifact and sub-artifact object management
  • Collection owners management
  • Artifact position management, including follow-up and follow-through mechanisms for placement changes, storage changes and relocation changes
  • Event management with operations history logs, like restoration, storage, relocation, borrowing, etc
  • Commenting and reviewing for artifacts management as well as their paired/attached media (images, video, sound, 3D, files)
  • Media versioning management
  • Thesaurus management

Its n-tier web-based architecture allows for Citron2DAM’sinstallation in organizations and institutions, of any size, which own or manage large volumes of digitized content (images, video, sound, 3D, etc). It complies with international “good-practice” methods and conforms to international standards for storing, managing and exporting of cultural digital assets through its powerful meta-data engine.

The Citron2DAM platform is developed completely by Altanet. Its installation in large cultural organizations managing thousand of artifacts, like the Thessaloniki International Film Festival, the Telloglio Art Foundation, the Theoharakis Art and Music Foundation, the Holly Metropolis of Thessaloniki and others, makes it the most reliable and complete solution in eCulture software.