Unique functionality

Technical Specifications
User Authentication
Role-based security, User Groups and Operations Groups access control
User action traceability mechanisms
Check-in/Check-out mechanisms for asset commitment/release by the users
Support for multimedia content documentation on picture, sound, video and 3D objects.
User Interface level Multi-lingual support and extension without programming support
Documentation level Multi-lingual support (database level) and extension without programming support
Dynamic field grouping support (unlimited depth tree-structure)
Dynamic collection creation
Dynamic documentation field definition (insert/update) using the metadata engine
Artifact level documentation manipulation (ICOM/CIDOC CRM)
Artifact – Sub-artifact hierarchy support
Multiple digital asset (e.g. front, back, etc.) per artifact and multiple version (e.g. thumbnail, display, press, etc) per digital asset support
XML exporting tools for all artifacts
Asset management in static or dynamic hierarchy trees (meta-trees)
Multiligual Thesaurus support based on ISO 5964
Multiligual Thesauri export and import tools based on the W3C SKOS / RDF standard
Compatibility with Europeana Data Model