State-of-the-art technology

Content Management Server (CMS)

Citron2CMS’s Content Management Server is the most important unit in the platform. The CMS is a completely secure, web-based environment that allows for the maintenance and deployment of rich content. The CMS incorporates many tools in order to offer total control to the administrators and authors as far as the content authoring, publishing and targeting processes are concerned.

The CMS’s web based architecture improves productivity and can be used to author and publish content from anywhere in world. The CMS is part of the Citron2CMS’s core engine and it ensures the security and integrity of each published site and all of their data, regardless of locale or language that is used.

Security (in every level)

The security of a web based application made available through the internet is a very, very, very serious matter. Citron2CMS incorporates multiple levels of security by classifying the access and use of the content through its CMS. Depending on the security level, each administrator / author could have access to specific modules, to specific locales, to specific sites or to specific languages. Security is also applied to authenticated visitors who use the website. One example is order placing customers (retail) who initiate their login on their own. Another example is the B2B users of a wholesale store where the authentication needs to be approved by the site administrators.


Interoperability was one of the first and most important features that was incorporated into the design of Citron2CMS. It interoperates between the different modules which, although independent of each another, they work together regardless of who developed them (Altanet corp. or third party developers).

Leading Edge Technology (Microsoft .NET)

Citron2CMS was developed using C# and Microsoft’s latest technology for web applications. Microsoft .NET incorporates technologies such as HTML, XML, Object Oriented Programming, Jscript, C#, Intermediate Language (IL) και Just-in-time (JIT) compiled web pages. Aside from the HTML standard for page rendering, the use of XML for data rendering through a web interface as well as for text based data interchange, make the Citron2CMS platform totally independent.

Multiple RDBMS Support

The Citron2CMS platform supports the most popular Relational Database Management System software (RDBMS) like the Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle  and MySQL.