Unique advantages in a worldwide level

Multiple Sites (and domains)

One of the advantages of the Citron2CMS platform is that it supports the concurrent deployment of multiple sites, each using a different domain name and each, having a distinct entry point (home page). This fact allows a group of companies, or organizations with different activities, to launch separate web sites (per subsidiary or activity) with unique look and feel for each site, using separate domain names and only with a single installation, yet, having the ability to share commonly used content such as news, newsletters, products, documents, etc. You can even save on the hosting fees since only one installation is required and only database instance is needed.

Multiple Locales (language is not enough)

One of the most common mistakes that have occurred worldwide for many years, even today, when developing corporate international websites, is that, a language selection alone, is not enough in order to know the user’s origin and which specific information he or she needs. The Citron2CMS platform is one of the few platforms worldwide which separates the meaning of language and the user locale in order to target the right content to the right user, in the language that he or she prefers. The locales are activated in each unique site, so each site can support common or different locales.

If one site includes two available locales, for example “North America” and “Europe”, then the administrator has the option to publish information targeted to North America only to the “North America” locale or to publish the information to both “North America” and “Europe” locales when the information is common to both.

Site, Locale and Language (every combination is possible)

To clear things out, lets say that an organization can design its internet presence starting from a division of activity (site), specifying target markets (locales) and then choosing the language in which all of the above will be presented.

  • In every site, content can be delivered in all of the locales or a subset thereof
  • In every locale, content can be delivered in all of the available languages or a subset thereof