More than a standard set of features

Features Advantages

Multiple Site support

  • Multiple domain name / URL support 
  • Content targeting and delivery per site 
  • HTML meta-tag support per site  
  • Default site and language setting
Create one or more sites, each with its distinct look and feel, each published under a unique domain name. Logically divide your organization’s content based on different activities or subsidiaries and remove any confusion for the site’s visitor. “Serve” content, either by itself on a specific site or combined, with content from other sites, all under a common “umbrella” portal.

Multiple Locale Support

  • Support for multiple locales per site
  • Content targeting and delivery based on each user’s locale
  • Locale activation and deactivation on demand
Target the content to geographically divided visitors or visitors classified by any way you deem necessary by using locales. Target product lines sold to different countries or geographical regions and use any language combination you see fit per locale.

Multiple Language Support

  • Unlimited languages support per locale and per site
  • UNICODE support for every available language
  • Content division to multilingual and non-multilingual
Reach customers worldwide in the language they know best. Theirs! Content is divided into multilingual and non-multilingual. Data entry time is cut exponentially depending (based on the number of languages used) since only the multilingual content has to be translated. Dates, numbers and other non-multilingual information are entered once.

100% Web and Responsive Administration

  • Support for mobile phone and tablet administration
  • Fresh look
  • Cool dashboard with useful information
Are you on the road and need to change a product price? Do you need to add a new press release? With the new responsive administration panel, you can do it from a tablet or a mobile phone since the interface adapts to your screen size.

Online Help, How-To Videos and Module Versioning

  • On-line help for all platform core features
  • On-line help for all modules
  • How-To Videos for every feature and module
  • On-line version and update information for each module
Do you want to add a new page to your site? Do you want to add a new product or check out and order and you are stuck? No problem! Visit and get on-line help for every platform feature and module. Or even better, watch a how-to video and learn how to be more productive when using Citron2CMS. Check out every update note and the latest module versions.


  • Master-Page Support
  • Support for multiple templates (preinstalled or custom made)
  • Different template support per site or within the same site
  • Support for development of new custom templates
Create your own page geometry for your website through new page templates or use some of the preinstalled ones. Choose dynamic growing or select a standard display analysis that suits your design. Create a Master Page and use it through out your development cycle.


  • Support for multiple themes (preinstalled or custom made)
  • Different theme support per site or within the same site
  • Support for development of new custom themes
Use one of Citron2CMS’s preinstalled themes or create your own. The only thing you need to know is how to create a standard Cascading Style Sheet file. Changes are easy!

Dynamic Page Creator

  • Web-based Drag-n-drop mechanism for page creation
  • Visual insertion for every module/control
  • Use already created pages as templates for new ones
The “pages” are the frame that displays content in specific sections and in specific ways (themes and templates). Content can be web-parts or dynamic functions which are made possible through the use of one of the many modules already available. The use of Drag-and-Drop is a must!


  • Security is based on groups, roles and actions
  • Security in use levels and content and feature access levels
  • Security in feature unlocking and module unlocking
Citron2CMS’s security policy provides large organizations or companies the ability to classify access to the website’s content and functions. The flexible customization procedure covers even the most extreme security scenarios.

Digital Asset Management

  • Familiar user interface using files and folders
  • Creation, deletion, renaming and moving of files
  • Preview support for widely used file types
File all your digital assets (documents, video, sound, pictures, etc) according to the way you like to organize it. Create, rename, delete or move whatever files you wish through the use of an intuitive web based user interface of the Citron2CMS platform.

HTML Content Editor (Advance Content Editor)

  • WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)
  • Citron2CMS modules integration
  • Microsoft Word copy feature integration
  • Multimedia content management support
Use ACE to create rich text content from scratch in the editor window or use the copy-paste feature from any word document. Use any Citron2CMS control (e.g. news, products, etc) embedded into the text as part of a complete page presentation. Advanced users can author directly in native HTML mode.

CMS Search Mechanisms

  • Per language, site, locale 
  • Keywords 
  • Important module features (e.g. dates, categories, etc.)
Search the content that has been saved with the use of the CMS based on its authored language, the targeted locale or the site in which is presented. Alternatively, use free text search or use each module’s custom searching mechanisms such as dates, categories, etc.


  • Integration with third party modules and controls
  • Import / export of content from / into XML
  • On-lineCredit Card Clearing with several banking systems
  • Paypal module for clearing purposes
Connect your system with third party solutions right from the Citron2CMS’s interface. Use third party developers to create new custom modules for your organization. Import content from third party systems or export your content with the use of standard XML. User Credit Card Clearing for on-line sales.

Visit Statistics and Analytics

  • Complete integration with Citron2CMS modules
  • Multiple result grouping possibilities
  • Google Analytics Compatible
Learn who visits your site, from where, when and for what reason. Synchronize with google analytics for more hits to your web page and more success in google users search results.