Altanet is developing a new eShop for Origanum Cosmetics S.M.P.C - 12/05/2014

Origanum Cosmetics S.M.P.C has chosen Altanet for the development of its new eshop which will be designed using responsive web technology and Citron2CMS.

Also, through Citron2Cms eCommerce solution, Origanum eShop will provide their clients the opportunity to order the products, with a user friendly environment and calculate the shipping expenses automatically.

The solution will be built using the Citron2CMS platform with e-Commerce extensions, version 5.5. combining elegant visual elements and styling along with usability and ease of navigation. The content development and management will be done using the latest trends for a more Search Engine Friendly Content.

Soon, the Origanum Cosmetics eshop will be online and available worldwide for order placement and shipping.